Stream now available from Burning Shed

The big day has arrived! Dave’s 2011 album Stream is at last being made available for international release through Burning Shed, based in the UK.

This long awaited studio album, recorded mainly in Japan and the UK between 2006 – 2010 was released temporarily within Japan from March 2011 through the AADBEG Crescent label website. The album had been completely unavailable outside of Japan due to unforeseen circumstances arising from the devastating earthquake and tsunami on March 11th 2011.

Along with Dave’s unmistakable and unique writing and playing, a host of other important artists were able to join him on this album, including Robert Wyatt, Dave Stewart, Barbara Gaskin, Andy Latimer, Annie Haslam, Doug Boyle, Morgan Fisher, John Murphy, Roxane Jobling, Yoshitaka Enomoto, Fred Baker, Dave Reece-Williams, Billy Bottle, Martine Waltier, Derby Cathedral choir, and Jimmy Hastings, who played on every track bar one !

Further details of this album, including a comprehensive blog, can be found on the English and Japanese pages of the website.

In addition, Dave’s 2010 album PianoWorks 1 – Frozen In Time is also now available through Burning Shed along with the very last 12 remaining limited edition numbered copies of Dave’s 2009 home recordings album Treasure Chest.

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