Peace In Time features in National Trust timelapse

Now for something a little bit different…

Peace In Time, from Dave’s 2003 solo album Full Circle, has been featured as the soundtrack to an online timelapse film promoting the dedicated work of National Trust volunteers.

The timelapse sequence was curated on behalf of the charity by Dave’s son, Nicolas, who has been closely associated with the White Cliffs of Dover and the Fan Bay Deep Shelter project:

“Over the last 3 years I have enjoyed spending much of my free time looking after the White Cliffs of Dover properties as a volunteer countryside ranger with the National Trust. Following the successful purchase of the final stretch of the cliffs from Langdon Hole to South Foreland by the trust, after an initial site visit to secure the apparent ‘hole in the ground’, I found myself with an exceptional truly unique project to get stuck into.

That project was the conservation, restoration and documentation of the World War II constructed Fan Bay Deep Shelter tunnel network and World War I sound mirrors that had been part destroyed and largely buried in the 1970s.

Joining Jon Barker early on who was adamant that the trust should preserve the network of tunnels and reinstate the sound mirrors to public view, I quickly decided that it would be a much rewarding and invaluable project in itself to document the ongoing progress through to the eventual public opening.

The final collection of rushes comprising hours of high definition video from most work days of the project remains an equal challenge to catalogue and sequence into a final film later this year, but as a teaser I felt that the separate timelapse sequences should stand on their own ground.

Working with the White Cliffs property office and my father, I knew that his composition Peace In Time, driven by the metronome backing that stimulates a feeling of passing time along with the signature melodic swirling piano solo was not only perfect for the rhythm of the movement in the sequence but morally and politically synchronised with the site and historic White Cliffs, the forefront of war time defence.”


Peace In Time was written by Dave way back in 1971, originally titled A-mewsing. The live debut of the demo played by an early Hatfield and the North formation with Robert Wyatt guesting was famously broadcast by ORTF on the French music documentary programme ‘Rock en Stock’, filmed in late 1972 and broadcast in January 1973.

Bootleg audio recordings of the performance had been in the collectors’ circle for some time but only recently the full length video has been leaked into global circulation, first appearing on video streaming sites in late February 2016. Dave previously long held a trade DVD-r copy of the performance but the copyright owner Institut national de l’audiovisuel (INA) have largely denied public access to the Rock en Stock series and sadly this material remains unreleased officially.

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