Happy 2018

Happy New Year !!

50 YEARS AGO TODAY Richard Coughlan, Richard Sinclair and myself moved into a rented house in Whitstable, Kent at No. 7 Westgate Terrace.

Pye didn’t arrive for another few days because his family house in the Highlands of Scotland was completely cut off due to massive snow drifts.

After Pye eventually arrived we got on with the business of being Caravan. We sound-proofed my bedroom with fibreglass and stuck a mattress in the large window and practised together almost every day. We somehow managed to scrape together enough money for the rent and ate only one meal a day, mostly brown rice. That’s my big memory for today !

50 years on I’m working to finish my new album, ‘Out Of Sinc’ with Pledgemusic and I’m pleased to say that Pye is again playing guitar on one of the tracks !

Good memories, good music, good times !

Very Best Wishes to everyone !

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