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Stream update


Dave’s masterpiece album Stream, a 5 year project featuring Robert Wyatt, Dave Stewart, Barbara Gaskin, Andy Latimer, Annie Haslam, Jimmy Hastings and Doug Boyle is still an ongoing concern behind the scenes.

Released in 2011, the album is unavailable in any format outside of Japan and is now believed to be out of print within Japan as well. The recordings are owned by the record label who financed the production of the album and therefore Dave has no control over the situation as it currently stands.

It is hoped that eventually the situation may ease to benefit the commercial availability of Dave’s work, possibly even through a store on the website.

It is also hoped to provide approved and monetised youtube uploads on Dave’s official channel in the near future.

Until then new versions of some of the tracks written for Stream are available on Dave’s most recent release The Little Things currently available through Burning Shed.

The unauthorised uploads of Stream from ‘irenelinkevicius’ on YouTube are not supported by Dave Sinclair and are intended to be removed as soon as possible.


Many thanks for your support and please subscribe to follow announcements of Dave’s new developments and projects soon.

Romantic Warriors III – Canterbury Tales campaign


Last year we gave you a sneak peak into news of a new film that Dave Sinclair will feature alongside many other Canterbury Scene faces.

The producers are now seeking support to complete and release their film Romantic Warriors III – Canterbury Tales and you can help and read the full details via their Indiegogo campaign:


Revisiting the birthplace of Nine Feet Underground


43 years ago, Dave took residence in a basement flat of Lexington House in Canterbury. With Caravan’s next album in the pipeline, borrowing the catchy chords he had heard his cousin Nigel Blow play on the piano for fun, Dave began to develop a musical suite which would become the much loved and well respected Caravan epic Nine Feet Underground.

The title referenced the flat in which he lived literally nine feet underground. Within the suite, 8 individual tunes in their own right were recorded:

  • I. “Nigel Blows a Tune”
  • II. “Love’s a Friend”
  • III. “Make It 76”
  • IV. “Dance of the Seven Paper Hankies”
  • V. “Hold Grandad by the Nose”
  • VI. “Honest I Did!”
  • VII. “Disassociation”
  • VIII. “100% Proof

The individual tunes were joined together by producer David Hitchcock to form the 22 minute suite which made up the entire B side of the original vinyl issue of In The Land of Grey and Pink released in 1971.

Dave’s cousin Nigel Blow passed away in June 2011. He will forever be immortalised in musical history referenced in the first segment of the suite titled Nigel Blows A Tune, in which his chords are famous.

The final climax of the suite, 100% Proof, was a reference to the personal collection of whisky bottles Dave had accumulated on the ceiling shelves around the flat perimeter which no doubt added up to 100% proof if not over.

In April 2014, Dave, friends and family were kindly given permission to have a look at the very same flat below Lexington House that gave birth to his epic composition.

It was certainly a special visit with memories flooding back and lovely to see the space still used for creative purposes, although now looking much more appealing than it did in the 1970s!

A full article and accompanying media will be exclusively coming to the website in the near future, this post is just a taster to hold your grandad by the nose, so don’t disassociate yourself, 100% proof more will be coming soon!

Richard Coughlan 1947 – 2013



I think back at all the good times we had together during those years of youth.

I am saddened to have not been able to attend the service in person today to pay my respects but my thoughts are with Sue, Beth and family. x

Dave’s interview for new Canterbury Scene film


A film crew met Dave with friends and family today in London to conduct an interview as part of a developing documentary film that will be featuring many Canterbury Scene musicians.

The image above is an exclusive first look behind the scenes with more content to come in the near future….

Watch out for more news about this film, the rest is top secret for now! new website


We are proud to now be able to welcome you to Dave Sinclair’s new official website.

Please bare with us while we work out ‘the little things’ behind the scenes to bring you a wealth of exclusive content and perhaps even a web store with Dave’s back catalogue intended to be made available in digital format.

Until then, subscribe to Dave’s official Facebook page at and keep on rockin.

Best Wishes