Heart Of Gold (4/5/2019)

In 2014, on April 5th my mum turned 90.

I had decided to write a song for this special event and was able to complete a home recording.

There was a big family get together during which my song was played for her. It went down extremely well and everyone enjoyed a party atmosphere. The lyric at the end of the song went…

”and wishing you the best for 91“

Well, the years have rolled on by and she is still going strong, celebrating her 95th this year. I have updated my song and thought it was a shame that only a few family members will hear it.

So now as an exclusive web track, I’m posting it on my homepage so others can listen. I did have to change the lyric of course in the last verse !

I hope you enjoy my little song for my dear mum !

Dsincs x

Stream and Pianoworks now directly available (5/4/2018)


Very happy to announce that my ‘STREAM’ and ‘PIANOWORKS’ albums are available from my Japanese homepage.

入手困難と言われた ‘STREAM’ と ‘PIANOWORKS’ が、Japaneseホームページから購入可能に !


New album update: Download release today (4/26/2018)

Hi to everyone. We are releasing the album download today at 10am UK time.

We are also now in the process of sending out the albums, cards, and lyric sheets to pledge supporters. The first 500 signed albums are also limited edition and numbered.

Very sorry for the delay.

My very best regards to everyone, and I hope you like the album,

ps. There’s still 4 days left if you know anyone else who wants to order a copy or download!

Official Japanese website and store (4/16/2018)

Please visit my relaunched official Japanese website and browse the new store which will stock all of my albums and releases, shipping worldwide.


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